A Composite Field

January 20, 2012
23 minutes
Curated by Dino Dinco and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Mackey Garage Top, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles, CA
Collaborator: Yann Novak

A keen awareness of space and architecture — material, conceptual, corporeal — informed and influenced this work. Novak and I took a sculptural approach to both sound and movement in our respective constructions of the spectating experience. Novak made field recordings that documented the aural presence of the Mackey Garage Top, which then informed how we constructed the performance. These recordings were digitally altered to emphasize the unique characteristics of the space itself. Drawing on my ongoing interest in the cultural process of vision, seeing and being seen, I constructed and performed a chain of actions inspired by the layered organic and artificial elements of both the space and the sound score.