Decomposition of a Continuous Whole

4 hours

Decomposition of a Continuous Whole questioned the indexicality of dance within the exhibition space as a critical tool of deconstruction and reflection. During the performance, time was expanded, and temporal and narrative limitations commonly ascribed to choreography were erased. My internal experience was as informative as that of the audience, as I explored identity construction, erasure and visibility, repetition as a site of knowledge, and the traces or history of the Black female body as a method of experience.

June 20, 2016
“Affinities,” public programming for “Joan Jonas: From Away,” curated by Barbara Clausen, Phi Center, DHC/ART, Montreal, Quebec

November 11, 2012 and March 10, 2013
“Fore,” curated by Thomas Lax, The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City, NY

December 3, 2010
“Quadruple Consciousness,” curated by Malik Gaines, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

December 12, 2009
“Three Women,” Artist Curated Projects, Los Angeles, CA