Born 1976 in Fresno, CA. Currently based in Los Angeles and Riverside, CA.


2008MFA Choreography, UCLA
2002BA Art History, UC Santa Cruz

Solo Exhibition and Performative Installation

2016School for the Movement of the Technicolor People. In collaboration with WXPT, Ashley Hunt and Kim Zumpfe. Diverseworks, Houston.
2015School for the Movement of the Technicolor People. In collaboration with WXPT, Ashley Hunt and Kim Zumpfe. Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.
2012LET’S USE THESE THINGS. Commonwealth & Council, Los Angeles.
2010Par Course A, in collaboration with Ashley Hunt. Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles.
2005Undeliverable Address. In collaboration with Ashley Hunt. Crazy Space Gallery, Santa Monica.

Group Exhibition and Performative Installation

2017counts orchestrate, a meadow. In collaboration with Meena Murugesan. Endless Shout and The Freedom Principle. Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia.
2016Par Course A (excerpts). In collaboration with Ashley Hunt. Wound. The Cooper Union, New York City.
School for the Movement of the Technicolor People. In collaboration with WXPT, Ashley Hunt and Kim Zumpfe. Fusebox Festival. Austin.
2015Composite Fields. In collaboration with Yann Novak. TEMPERAMENTAL. Dorothy McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto, Scarborough.
2014Underwaters (we is ready, we is ready). Whitney Biennial. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City.
[BLACKOUT]. In collaboration with Ashley Hunt. threewalls gallery, Chicago.
2013Par Course C: Cypress College. In collaboration with Ashley Hunt and students of the Veterans’ Resource Center. Cypress College art gallery, Cypress, CA.
2012Decomposition of a Continuous Whole. Fore. The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City.
Par Course B: Labor Questions. In collaboration with Ashley Hunt and the Youth Art Board. Hairy Blob. Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago.
2010Decomposition of a Continuous Whole. Quadruple Consciousness. Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia.
2009Decomposition of a Continuous Whole. 3 Women. Artist Curated Projects, Silverlake, CA.
On movement, thought and politics: Garment Workers’ Center, LA. In collaboration with Ashley Hunt and members of the Garment Workers’ Center. Performing Economies. Fellows for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.
2008Untitled (for six voices). As a member of Ultra-Red. Make Art/Stop AIDS. Fowler Museum, Los Angeles.
2004Engagement. In collaboration with Ashley Hunt. Paxico Gallery, Los Angeles.

Choreography and Performance

2016blueredblack/Citizen Amiss. In collaboration with company WXPT. S/Election. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.
Mountain, Fire, Holding Still. In collaboration with Yann Novak, Gregory Barnett and Marbles Jumbo Radio. Getty Villa, Los Angeles.
Decomposition of a Continuous Whole. Affinities, Variations and Scenes. Centre Phi, Montreal.
Meadow (3). School for the Movement of the Technicolor People. Diverseworks, Houston.
Decomposition of a Mutable Landscape. DECOMPOSITIONS: 3 performance works by taisha paggett, Kabir Carter and Yvonne Rainer. XMPL Theater, UC Irvine.
2015Meadow (1 and 2). School for the Movement of the Technicolor People. Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.
evereachmore. In collaboration with company WXPT. Clockshop, Los Angeles.
2014Decomposition of a Mutable Landscape. CHIME LIVE. Live Arts Los Angeles, Highland Park, CA.
2013Modest Epoch (9AM 11/19 - 9PM 11/21). Public Fiction, Highland Park, CA.
A right-angled object who lost her faith in being upright. Danspace, New York City.
Private Realness. Danspace, New York City.
verse chorus. Fore. The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City.
2012I’m Here, We’re Here. The Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago.
Fila Buster. National Queer Arts Festival. SOMArts, San Francisco.
Dive Bar Wedding. In collaboration with David Lakein. Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival. Defibrillator, Chicago.
hard shell. The Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago.
2hours4every3minutes. In collaboration with Greg Barnett and Meg Wolfe. Tilt-Shift LA: New Queer Perspectives on the Western Edge. Luis de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles.
A Composite Field. In collaboration with Yann Novak. Mackey Garage, Los Angeles.
2011Chair/Pillow (window). Out of Site. Defibrillator, Chicago.
2010Does time hurt? sound installation. From One Side to Another, I’ve Dreamed That Too. 323 Gallery, Los Angeles.
BombShell. In collaboration with Rebecca Alson-Milkman. Pieter, Los Angeles.
Untitled (Gray Scale). Presence. Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA.
Decomposition of a color-thought. Gutted. Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.
2008Installation performance for Rodney McMillian. The Kitchen, New York City.
we imitate fences. Actions of Transfer: Women’s Performance in the Americas. Hemispheric Institute, Los Angeles.
2007Score for an Anti-War dance. Score by Rae Shaolan Blum, arranged and performed by taisha paggett with Arianne Hoffmann. Shared Women, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.
Living with _ _ _ _ in this country is like living through a war that’s happening only for those people in the trenches. Every time a shell explodes you look around to discover that you’ve lost more of your friends. But nobody else notices, it isn’t happening to them. Diavolo Performance Space, Los Angeles.
2006we imitate fences. Then Again. Center Stage Theater, Santa Barbara.
how we get by, an evening of four new dance works by taisha paggett. UCLA, Los Angeles.
2005Parallel Activity: The Conservation and The Game of Life. (with Tania Hammidi, Jessica Lawless
and Meg Wolfe.) LTTR release party. Sundown Salon, Eagle Rock, CA.
Variations on the singer in solitude. Anatomy Riot, Los Angeles.
the dreamer/tenuous. Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica.
Untitled Women. Projections. UCLA, Los Angeles.
2004Museum of Human Beings, for Denise Uyehara. Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica.
2003Lunch Break, in collaboration with Esther Baker. Fowler Museum, UCLA, Los Angeles.
2002Choreography for Punk Out, a feature film.
1 Solo/ 2 Duets. Video dance. Los Angeles.
2000Untitled, in collaboration with Yaquelina Parvex. New York City.
1998What You Won’t Do For Love. Gallery 25, Fresno, CA.

Work on Video and in Print

2015Passageway and Score for a Flag, published by Baumtest Quarterly.
The Stand In or a Glass of Milk, published by Public Fiction.
2014Performance on the Eve of Negro Spring, The Drama Review.
After bill withers. Initiation.
2012Fila Buster in the Autotuniverse, in collaboration with Ashley Hunt.
2004Engagement, in collaboration with Ashley Hunt.
2003Solo 1 or Agency.

Company Work and Performance for Other Artists

2015-16Three Matadors by Every House Has a Door. Performance and Philosophy Conference. University of Chicago; In/Time Festival, Poetry Foundation. Chicago.
2014New Faithful Disco by Meg Wolfe. Redcat & Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles; Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco; TBA Festival, Portland.
2013A Reading That Writes by Yael Davids. REDCAT, Los Angeles.
2011-15Stardust by David Rousseve/REALITY. Redcat, Los Angeles; Jacob’s Pillow, Massachusetts; Peak Performance, New Jersey; Clarice Smith Center, Maryland; Krannert Center, Univ of Champaign-Urbana; Lafayette College, Pennsylvania; Contemporary Dance Theatre, Cincinnati; Meany Hall, Seattle; Carpenter Center, Long Beach; Dance Center, Chicago.
2011trembler.Shifter by Meg Wolfe. REDCAT, Los Angeles.
2010Terrain of Tight Places by Lisa Gonzalez. Columbia College Faculty Concert. Dance Center, Chicago.
Fat and Other Stories by Ishmael Houston-Jones. Pieter PASD, Los Angeles.
(like a vase) by Neil Greenberg. Pieter PASD, Los Angeles.
Shifting Shapes by Kelly Nipper. Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich, Switzerland.
Tonight by Modern Garage Movement. Pieter PASD, Los Angeles.
2009Shape Shifting by Kelly Nipper. Art Basel, Miami.
I think that I shall never see... by Joseph Ravens. Pasadena, CA.
Combatant Status Review Tribunal reading for 9 Scripts from a Nation at War, REDCAT.
2008Yes is a Long Time by Mira Kingsley. Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles.
2007Floyd on the Floor by Kelly Nipper. Performa. Judson Gym, New York City.
Combatant Status Review Tribunal reading for 9 Scripts from a Nation at War, Judson Church.
Swallow touches the Water by Cheng-Chieh Yu. Sushi Performance Space, San Diego.
2006Grass Undone by Esther Baker-Tarpaga. Dialogues de Corps. Burkina Faso, OU.
Small Variations by Cid Pearlman. Counter Pulse, San Francisco.
2005-09Saudade by David Rousseve/REALITY. The Dance Center, Chicago; Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco; Danspace, New York; UCLALIVE, Los Angeles; Jacob’s Pillow, Massachusetts; Peak Performance, New Jersey; Clarice Center, Maryland.
2005-08Not About Iraq by Victoria Marks. Sweet Briar College, Virginia; UCLA, Los Angeles; Links Hall, Chicago; Danspace, New York; Dance Place, Washington, DC; Myrna Loy Theater, Helena, Montana; Southern Theater, Minneapolis; Carpenter Center, Long Beach.
2005Mourning Dances by Rebecca Alson-Milkman. UCLA, Los Angeles.
Trade by Cheng-Chieh Yu. Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA.
Day Is Done. Choreography by Kate Foley. Video project by Mike Kelley.
Bittersweet dance film by David Rousseve.
2004Chair/Pillow and We Shall Run by Yvonne Rainer. Getty Museum, Los Angeles.
Flux by Maria Gillespie. Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA.
Migration Songs by Norah Zuniga Shaw. Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA.
2001-02Dances by Fiona Marcotty. Joyce Soho; Wax Works; Symphony Space. NYC.
2000-02Stanley Love Performance Group. Location 1; Lower Manhattan Community College; Pyramid Club. NYC.
2000-01Kraig Patterson/bopi’s black sheep. Texas Woman’s University; Delaware Arts; Danspace, NYC.
2000Untitled by Esteban Cardenas. Foz du Iquaca, Brasil.
1999Lichen Dreams by Allyson Ayers. Duke Gardens, Durham, NC.
1998-99UCSC Dance Concert repertory by Mel Wong, Sylvia Martins, Joe Goode and Remy Charlip. UC Santa Cruz.
209 Repercussions by Heidi Hou. Coalition for Mumia Abu-Jamal Awareness Program, Santa Cruz.
Random With a Purpose. Santa Cruz, CA.
1998Repertory by David Dorfman. Boulder Dance Festival, Boulder, CO.
1997-98Crash, Burn and Die/Moving & Storage Performance Group, Santa Cruz, CA.
1996-98Triquetra, Fresno, CA.
1996-01Cheryl Kershaw projects.
1996Repertory by Janice Garrett and Beth Pierik. Portable Dance Troupe, CSU Fresno.
1995Repertory by Joe Goode and Bebe Miller. CSU Summer Arts, Arcata, CA.

Grants and Awards

2016National Performance Network, Forth Fund (with Diverseworks).
2015National Performance Network (with Diverseworks and LACE).
Show Box LA's Los Angeles Dance & Research Residency Program.
2014UCIRA (University of California Institute for Research in the Arts) grant, Santa Barbara, CA.
MAP (Multi-Arts Production) Fund (with Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions).
2009Durfee ARC Grant.
2004Jean Irwin Scholarship.
Forti Family Scholarship.


2015Headlands Artist-in-Residence. Sausalito, CA. (Awarded in 2014).
2014ACRE (Artists' Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions) with Ashley Hunt, Steuben, WI.
2013Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange (CHIME) grant. Los Angeles.
Hothouse residency program. UCLA.
2012Hyde Park Art Center. Project residency with collaborator Ashley Hunt. Chicago.
2011Project Row Houses. Research residency and workshop with collaborator Ashley Hunt. Houston.
2007BAK (Basis voor Actuele Kunst) Research in Residence program with Ashley Hunt, Utrecht, NL.
Silo Dancenownyc residency with Rebecca Alson-Milkman. Springtown, PA.
2005Hothouse residency program. UCLA.

Writing and Editorial Projects

2016-Provocations series. Co-editor with Julie Tolentino. The Drama Review.
Force Co-editor with Erin Silver. CMagazine.
2013Interview with Molly Shanahan. itch dance journal.
2012vestibular mantra (or radical virtuosities for a brave new dance). Blog Salon #3 On Collectivity and Collapse.
itch Ouija Oracle Transmission with Meg Wolfe, Native Strategies.
2011Let it burn: A mini life-art-travelogue on decomposition, itch dance journal.
2010Interview with Yvonne Rainer (written with Sara Wolf and Meg Wolfe). itch dance journal.
Teacher’s Wisdom essay on Margalit Oved. Dance Magazine.
The letter I was finally able to write (prelude in manifesto with lyrics), itch dance journal.
Interview with Lilian Wu on Pina Bausch (written with Sara Wolf and Meg Wolfe), itch dance journal.
2008Special issue on Activism & community. Contact Quarterly.
2007Interview with Wendy Perron, itch dance journal.
i love bush he does great things for my people, or In Recognition of Black History Month, itch dance journal.
2005We HAVE no place (that’s a good thing), itch dance journal.
2005-14itch dance journal. Co-founder and editor. Los Angeles.
2004Krumping: The Changing Face of Hip-hop, Dance Magazine.
Everything Under the Sun: Studying dance at UCLA. Dance Magazine.

Public Talks and Panels

2017Artists as Curators panel, with Ralph Lemon, Meena Murugesan and Julie Tolentino. Moderated by Adrienne Edwards. Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance. Wesleyan University.
2016Black Queer Feminist Performance NOW panel, with Kemi Adeyemi, Sampada Aranke, sidony o'neal, and Keijaun Thomas. Moderated by Ariel Osterweiss. TBA Festival, Portland.
Conversation with Barbara Clausen and Simone Forti. Affinities, Variations and Scenes. DHC/ART, Montreal.
Conversation with Barbara Clausen, Joan Jonas, Tanya Lukin Linklater, and Cheryl Sim. Affinities, Variations and Scenes. DHC/ART, Montreal.
2015Artist talk on The School for the Movement of the Technicolor People, with WXPT. analog dissident. Los Angeles.
Artist talk for at land’s edge. Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.
Ditch Plains (2013) conversation facilitated by Erin Christovale with Imani Kai Johnson, taisha paggett and Jaye Austin Williams. Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.
Artist talk with Ashley Hunt. Otis College, Los Angeles.
Experimental Dance: Histories, Politics and Presence with moderator Erin Silver and Seika Boye, Brendan Fernandes, and Jacob Korczynski. Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto, Scarborough.
Ethics and Aesthetics panel. Chats About Change. LACE, Los Angeles.
2014Artist talk. UC Riverside.
2013Conversation with Nick Duran, Chloë Flores, Ashley Hunt and taisha paggett. Performance Now. KChung Radio.
Artist talk. Paul Brach Visiting Artist Lecture Series. Calarts. Valencia, CA.
Artist talk. Interarts Visiting Artist Lecture Series. Idyllwild Arts, Idyllwild, CA.
Artist talk. Dance Department, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.
Artist talk. Visiting Artist Lecture Series, Parsons School of Art. New York City.
The Artist’s Voice: Fred Moten in conversation with Jamal Cyrus, Steffani Jemison, Harold Mendez and taisha paggett. The Studio Museum in Harlem, NY.
2010Tomorrow is what we call Monday, and other facts: A lecture/demonstration by taisha paggett. Pieter PASD, Los Angeles.
2009An Earful of Dance. Conversation on Yvonne Rainer at REDCAT. Los Angeles.
2008Choreographing Identities panel. Actions of Transfer: Women’s Performance in the Americas. Hemispheric Institute, Los Angeles.
2007On movement, thought and politics, research presentation. BAK, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
NOT FOR SALE panel. Performa. Judson Church, New York City.
2006Feminism: Legacies and Reinventions. Rosamund Felsen Gallery. Santa Monica, CA.
Habits of Action & Knowing talk with Ashley Hunt. Spheres of Interest. San Francisco Art Institute.

Bibliography and Press

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Additional Bibliography and Press (As a Company Member and Dancer)

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2017-Pieter board member.
2015-WXPT/School for the Movement of the Technicolor People artistic director.
homeLA. Board Member.
2010-15Show Box LA, Board Member.
2009Choreographic assistant to Barak Marshall in development of Rooster, Los Angeles.
Choreographic assistant to Yvonne Rainer in development of Agon. Getty Center. Los Angeles.
2007THEN dance series. Co-curator. Diavolo Performance Space, Los Angeles.
2006-07Floyd on the Floor by Kelly Nipper. Rehearsal Director. Los Angeles/New York City.
2005Dance Under Construction Graduate Conference. Co-curator of performance series. UCLA, Los Angeles.
1999Random With A Purpose: The Student Movement. Co-director. Porter College, Santa Cruz, CA.